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What is Inytes.com?

Inytes – pronounced "invites" - is an online invitation website catering South Asian community. Of course, everyone is Welcome :). We believe that your events deserve beautiful invitations to match and we are committed to providing that experience!

Is Invites a Free service?

No. First two emails are free to try. Please upgrade before sending to guests. If for any reason you have not used the upgraded premium invite, simply e-mail support@inytes.com within 14 days for an immediate refund or setup reimbursement with a future event.

Do you offer printed invitations?

Not at this time. Our prime focus is digital invitations.

What browsers and devices does Inytes support?

Inytes supports all latest major desktop and mobile browsers. On windows we support IE11 & Edge with slightly degraded performance on IE9 & IE10.

Do I have to register to send and receive invitations?

You will need to register to create and send invitations. We recommend Google sign-ups to get you in no time. For your convenience, we offer quick registration process. Guests do not need an Inytes account to receive, RSVP or comment.

How to share my invite on WhatsApp or via Text message?

Invite guests on Whatsapp/Text-SMS on Messages & Settings section of the Create or Edit invitation page and save. Now navigate to Manage invitation page to share via WhatsApp or Text. You need to login to Inytes.com on a mobile device to share on WhatsApp and Text.

Will there be an issue if invitation is shared in WhatsApp or Text after inviting a guest via email?

No, the guest will be notified if they have already received invitation via email and they will need to respond via email.

Can I choose my own background color to the invitation page?

Yes, by default Inytes provides designer recommended background colors, in addition you can pick your own background color from a beautiful soft color palette.

Can I upload my own custom image as theme or design card?

Yes, Inytes provides two templates where you can upload either landscape or portrait images. Here is the direct link to Upload Yours cards.

We recommend 1400 pixel width & 1000 pixel height images for HD quality landscape cards, 700 pixel width & 500 pixel height images for normal quality landscape cards. We recommend 800 pixel width & 1120 pixel height images for HD quality portrait cards, 400 pixel width & 560 pixel height images for normal quality portrait cards.

What are the gift cards that I have received from people I have sent an Inyte to?

Yes.These gift cards are e-gift cards that you can redeem for online or in-store purchases at the retailers featured on the gift cards. This is a service that we offer on Inytes.com in partnership with Jifiti.com to allow recipients of Inytes to "Send a Gift" with their reply to the Inyte that you sent to them. If you wish, you can even change the retailer featured on the e-gift card to another in the list of featured retailers, within their validity period.

I have received an Inyte and wish to send more than one e-gift card, or an e-gift card of greater value with my reply?

At the moment, the number of e-gift cards that you can send in your reply is limited to one e-gift card at a time. The maximum value of this e-gift card depends on the merchant and value can be selected on Jifit gift page.


Where is my profile information?

After logging in, click on your name on the upper right hand corner. In the menu dropdown, select My Account. The displayed dashboard is the central place to manage your account profile, sent & received invitations, contacts and favorite designs.

Where do I see my sent and received invitations?

Go to My Account and select Inytes tab on your account Dashboard to view sent and received invitations.

How do I import contacts from my email provider?

At this time, we provide contact import from Gmail. To import contacts from other email providers, export your contacts to a CSV spreadsheet and import them from "Import" tab on your account Dashboard.

I'm having trouble importing contacts from spreadsheet!

Be sure to use the template provided to upload contacts on Import Contacts tab. Make sure your spreadsheet only has one worksheet (CSV) and each column has a header. Contact us if you need help.

Can I delete an invitation?

Invitations in draft status without guests can be deleted. To prevent accidental deletes we do not provide an option to delete an active invitation.

How do I reset my password?

Logout of your account and locate "Forgot password?" link available on login page. Follow the instructions to reset or change password.

How do I change my Timezone?

Time zone can be changed while providing your address on Profile tab of the dashboard.

How do I delete my account?

To permanently delete your account, go to My Account, and click on Profile tab (click Edit Profile on mobile device). Click on Delete your account link.

I have a few e-gift cards that I have not used. Can I forward them to another registered user of Inytes.com?

The e-gift cards offered on Inytes.com in partnership with Jifiti.com are tied to the recipients account and are not transferrable. You must use them yourself, and within their validity period. This holds true if you wish to delete your Inytes account but have not redeemed all of the e-gift cards that you have received.

As a host, how do I recieve the gift card details and when?

You(host) will be notified via email with a redeemable link as soon as the guest places the gift order successfully, in addition to that My Gifts page under MyAccount section would show all the sent and recieved gifts

Create & Edit Invitations

Google Maps can't recognize my address. What should I do?

There are a couple of options to address the issue. Option 1 - Select the nearest landmark and advise guests on directions in the message section. Option 2 - Provide your address, that prevents the unrecognized map from being hidden and advise guests on directions in the message section.

Can I hide my guest list?

Yes, guest list and guest book can be hidden by choosing the option "Hide guests on invitation page" under Message & Settings section on create or edit invitation page.

How do I send a message to all guests for my invitation?

Click on My Inytes to view all your invitations, then select an Invitation to view details on the dashboard. There are several ways to communicate with guests on Message tab on your invitation dashboard.

Can I resend my invitation?

You can resend invitation to un-responded and tentatively responded guests. Navigate to Track tab on invitation dashboard and look through the guest status to resend.

How to remind guests for RSVP?

You can send a reminder to guests who have not responded to the invitation, under "Remind" section of the message tab on your invitation dashboard.

Will Inytes send any default reminders to guests?

An automatic reminder email with event details and directions will be sent to all attending guests 2 days prior to the event.

How to enable my picture gallery to my invitation?

You can upload and enable photo gallery for your invitation anytime under gallery tab on your invitation dashboard.

How many photos can I upload to the gallery?

We allow up to 100 images per invitation.

How to download my guest list and counts?

You can download your event guests from the invitation dashboard.

What are subscription upgrade invitations?

Subscriptions are tailored for organizations with lot of email volume and frequency with yearly payment options.

I ran out of 100 invitations on my premium invitation what should I do?

You will be able to add more invitations by clicking on the Add more Invites link on add guest tab on your invitation dashboard.

What is the difference between an invitation and a draft?

All created invitations are saved as drafts by default. Once invitations are sent to at least one guest draft becomes an invitation.

Host Settings

What can I configure as a host?

Notify me when guests reply — You will receive an email notification when guests respond on your invitation, this allow you look at guest response instantly without logging to Inytes.com.

Ask guests to indicate meal choice — Your guests can set their meal preference when you enable this setting which allows you plan better with required catering.

Invite guests on Whatsapp/Text-SMS — This allows you share the invitation link on WhatsApp or Text (when you login to Inytes from any mobile).

Hide guests on invitation page — Guest names and comments wall enabled by default. Disable this setting when you want to hide guest names & comments wall.

Allow guests to send gifts — Make it easy for your guests to send you the gift they want. Enable the gifting feature on the invitation page and guests will be able to instantly send you e-gift cards from any of your favorite stores. You pick where to use it! Gift cards are available for use in the USA only.

Disable RSVP on invitation — Select this option only if you are not expecting an RSVP from your Guests, if this is selected - you will not be able to track your guest responses and guest counts.

Orders & Pricing

Is my order secure?

Yes, your security and privacy is our number one priority. We use state of the art Stripe payment system to handle orders and we do not store payment details on Inytes.

Does Inytes store my credit card info?

No, Inytes doesn't store or handle your payment information. Inytes accepts payments using Stripe, a secure payment platform. To learn more about Stripe and how it works, please checkout Security at Stripe.

How to request refund if payment processed but have issues with invitation?

Please send an email to support@Inytes.com with order information within 2 weeks of placing your order.

Where do I locate my placed orders?

You will be notified via email with a receipt of payment for the purchased services.

Is there a time limit on using purchased invitations to use?

No, you can use purchased invitations for that invitation any time.

Can I transfer unused invitation to another invitation?

No, purchased invitations are tied to the Event invitation created and upgraded - you will need to upgrade other invitation as needed. Contact us if you accidentally upgraded an invitation, we will help you refund or transfer the credits to another invitation.

What currencies does Inytes accepts?

All orders are processed in USD($) - US dollars. If your currency is different, your bank will process your payment, make the respective currency conversions based upon your country's current exchange rate and may charge additional conversion & foreign transaction fee. Currently, we cannot offer a preview at checkout of your total purchase price in your respective currency.

If you have a question or concern about your order, please contact us.

What type payment cards are valid to use to purchase invitations?

We accept all major US and international credit/debit cards. All orders are processed in USD($).

Is there are discount for non-profits?

Yes, please contact us for pricing options.

Do I have to pay extra for the "Send a Gift" option to be enabled on my Inyte?

No. This option is entirely voluntary on behalf of the recipient of your Inyte, and they will only be charged for using this option if they choose to send a reply with an e-gift card.

Still have questions?

Please drop us a line, we will get back to you shortly.
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